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Nuero Acupuncture for MS

Dr. Wally Mui Ph.D. , Dr.TCM, Master Acupuncturist,

Victoria B C Canada Jul. 2012.

According to various reports, multiple sclerosis is a low risk of disease in Asia and Africa, but is a high-incidence areas in North America and Western Europe. On average, the incidence rate is 40/100000, whereas there are 400,000 people suffering from MS in the United States, and more than 40,000 people suffering from MS in Canada.

Currently, the primary western medical treatment is steroids, but long-term use can cause a variety of complications and side effects, and does not solve the underlying problem. People with MS are eager to find an effective side-effect free treatment. Acupuncture has proven to be an effective mode for treating my MS patient’s symptoms, and it is also practiced in the most advanced hospitals in China today.

MS into a linked to an auto-immune reaction. It is a demyelinating disease of the nervous system. Acupuncture,from a holistic view, provides bi-directional, benign, self adjusting and balancing to the body, and provides a therapeutic effect. At present, because China is a low-incidence area for MS, and there are only a few reported cases of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of multiple sclerosis, studies on acupuncture treatment mechanisms have yet to be extensively documented or translated to English.

Since I treated my first patient with multiple sclerosis in 1998, I have treated more than a dozen patients treated in past 14 years, all of which have a high degree of symptom improvement or are symptom free . Acupuncture treatment, combined with herbal massage treatments, diet therapy wellness care, new balance acupuncture –  Meridian acupuncture and Neural Balance Acupuncture  and scalp acupuncture have been used to treat MS patients. The clinical response for my patients is extremely good. I invite you to read my client testimonials for details on their health progression under my treatment.


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November 8, 2010 | Posted by Rebecca Girouard, patient of Dr. Mui

This morning, I went for my scheduled acupuncture treatment. Dr. Wally Mui is my acupuncture Dr. He has almost 30 years of clinical acupuncture experience. People are going to him after they’ve seen someone else and felt their previous treatment was not successful. I’ve heard those people say that Dr. Mui does acupuncture differently.

I consider myself fortunate, because Dr. Mui’s technique is all I know. I also know the success that we have had with it. I say “we”, meaning Dr. Mui and I….because acupuncture is about him doing the treatment and me receiving the treatment. It is about me doing what I need to do to promote my healing, paying attention to what uses up energy in my body; from types of food that create a specific demand on my body, to physical activity stressors, and to emotional stressors. All of this plays a roll in how our body responds to acupuncture. Dr. Mui guides me. He reminds me what I have to do for myself with each season.

When you think about it, each season puts different demands on the body. That is why it is good to have acupuncture at the change of each season. It aids in balancing the body. Right now, the temperatures are getting colder. We are experiencing more wind and rain. This makes an energy demand on our body. Our body is working hard in these cooler temperatures to keep itself warm. Some of us may be hearing the voice of our mothers telling us to “put a coat on!” and “wear your hat! and don’t forget your gloves!” When we attend to our body’s needs and minimize the amount of energy our body has to use up in order to keep this vehicle called a body, working, we benefit. Our body has one less thing to ‘stress’ about.

It seems people don’t realize all the things that cause stress to our body. Each cell is put under stress when it can’t get enough essential minerals, the proper vitamins from food, and when food we eat is poor quality or we eat too much. Energy is being used to digest, to make the cells function and for cells to reproduce new cells. Acupuncture is energy in motion. It helps our cells connect. The cells are receiving messages which encourage better performance. If energy is stuck in an area of the body, acupuncture assists in moving it along, opening up a new pathway for the messages to be delivered.

Lack of proper sleep, whether it is the amount of time, or the quality of sleep, is an energy issue too. Our cells won’t work properly and messages won’t be sent correctly, if the cell is depleted or disorganized. Acupuncture helps to correct our sleep. Acupuncture causes the bio-chemicals in our brain that are needed for proper functioning, to be re-balanced. The brain settles down. Most often, the night after you’ve had acupuncture, you will have a very good night’s sleep!

Acupuncture is like a tune-up or oil change for your car. Most of us don’t give a second thought to taking our car in for it’s oil change. After all, we’ve invested a lot of money in that vehicle and we want it running smoothly! So tell me, why would we not want to give our body a tune up with acupuncture?

Is it that people don’t know about acupuncture? Or is is that they have heard of it, but are afraid of needles? Perhaps it is that acupuncture seems a bit ‘hocus-pocus’. After all, that isn’t MY cultures method of health care! I can understand all of this….but I pose another thought. Fear. Fear which stems from a lack of proper information.

Granted, most of us didn’t grow up in households where acupuncture was the standard treatment of care. A lot of us lived in households where blanket trust in western medicine was taught and experienced. Did we live in a household where we were taught to trust our instincts? Or were our instincts built out of a need to survive our circumstance? Now we get back to the basics, I think, of not knowing, not having had exposure to acupuncture and the Chinese culture.

I grew up in a period of history when China was feared. My father taught me not to trust. He taught me to be fearful. I learned not to trust the unknown. Very powerful, don’t you think? I was taught to trust western medicine, as if it was the only method of health and healing on this planet. So given all of that, how was I to find my way to acupuncture? Life lessons ended up teaching me.

I am very fortunate, blessed actually, to have found Dr. Mui and acupuncture. His decades of clinical experience and continual studies have given him the ability to care for me so completely. In doing that, he is also teaching me so that I can teach others. Sometimes, we just need someone to walk the path with us for a while, to be there as we find a new way of being in this world. Acupuncture has turned my life around, and given me a rich, energetic life.

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October 21, 2010 | Posted by Rebecca Girouard, patient of Dr. Mui

People are becoming aware of acupuncture for more than treatment of pain.  We hear from family, friends and co-workers, about those who have had acupuncture to treat various health conditions.  Most commonly, acupuncture is used to treat pain, but there is so much more to it.  I’ve also heard people complain that the acupuncture treatment they received didn’t do much to help.

Did you know what all acupuncture treatments are not the same?  There is the use of acupuncture locally, for instance if a physiotherapist is working on a particular area of the body.  This allows the blocked energy in that area to be released, or the stagnant energy to be dispersed.  It may work for a time, but it often times is not effective in the long run.  This is because the WHOLE body has not been treated.Full body acupuncture works all the meridians.  It is like connecting power polls.  If one pole is down, the length of the connection is compromised.  The energy flow in our body is the same way.  If there is a blockage or stagnation of energy in any part of a meridian, the energy cannot flow freely.  Then organs that are fed by that meridian show us symptoms of not functioning properly and illness develops.

It takes many years of clinical practice to become a good acupuncturist.  I have heard people call themselves an acupuncturist, but when I ask what kind of disorders they have treated, there is a pause.  When I ask if they use full body acupuncture, I am told “oh, I don’t do THAT kind of acupuncture”.  If you are going to have brain surgery, wouldn’t you want a qualified brain surgeon with years of experience?

This is how I feel about acupuncture.  Full body acupuncture addresses the Central Nervous System, the Immune System and the Endocrine System of the body.  Those are the three powerhouses of our body functions.  They all rely on each other for proper messages to be sent and received.  Our body has the innate capability of self-regulation.  When the body has become disorganized to the point of not being able to self-regulate, then illness sets in.  We need help in getting our body to re-set itself.

Traditional acupuncture works with the meridian system.  The meridians have measurable energy in them.  When a person dies, their meridians disappear.  The energy is gone.  The Central Nervous System (nerve fibres) remain even though  a person has died.  So we have the anatomy of nerve fibres, but we have to have energy coursing through those fibres for messages to be sent.  In death, there is no energy.

A new, progressive acupuncture treatment has been developed after 20 years of research, where  the Central Nervous System pathways are used inserting acupuncture filaments into those pathways to connect and activate the nerves to send messages to the brain.  This is balancing-neuro-bio-feedback acupuncture.  This is a profound breakthrough.  It utilizes the bio-feedback mechanism through acupuncture.  It RESETS the brain.  The process re-regulates and re-balances the body.  The brain finds new pathways to re-route the messages if there is a blockage somewhere in the brain, due to MS lesions, damage from stroke, concussion, etc.

Over the past month, my acupuncturist, Dr. Wally Mui, PhD, Clinical Acupuncture, TCM, has been doing this treatment on me.  I cannot tell you how profound this is.  I can feel the force of the messages being transported in my body, feel my brain responding and the energy filling my legs and arms.  The messages are being transmitted rapid fire.  This certainly is helping my body re-regulate itself.  My body feels stronger, more vital.  My inner energy is more fully sustaining.  It is helping me recover even more and fine tune my body from the MS conditions I’ve been living with over the past 11 years.

There is a difference between the traditional meridian acupuncture, which I had regular treatments with for 18 months and now, in just one month, this new balancing neuro-bio-feedback acupuncture which has worked to fine-tune my body.

You can see now, that not all acupuncture is the same.  Do yourself a favour.  Interview who are you are going to have acupuncture with.  It is so much more than just placing filiments at acupoints.  It has to be done correctly, and the person needs to have years of clinical experience.  They need to be able to correlate Eastern Medicine with Western Medicine to do acupuncture properly.

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Multiple Sclerosis, a journey into wellness
October 6, 2010 | Posted by Rebecca Girouard, patient of Dr. Walter Mui

April 9th, 2009, Easter weekend, because of my commitment to acupuncture, I became free of all the medications the Dr’s said I needed to be taking to treat symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.  Yes…free.  Hands up in the air….and standing perfectly balanced, I said “look ma!  no hands!!”  I cried, I wept…..all these years of medications poisoning my body in the name of aiding the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.  It was like coming out of a coma.

My journey into acupuncture started 24th February 2009.  Dr. Wally Mui, Ph.D., Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine, and R. Ac. of Victoria, BC, became my Dr., my acupuncturist, my teacher, my guide, my confidant.  After an hour of assessing me, and me having provided a printed copy of my history to him, he began what would be the most powerful journey in my life.  The first question he asked me was, “do you trust me?”  My answer was “yes!”….a very committed yes.  This man is so very peaceful, directing, compassionate and knowledgeable….a very wise man.  Dr. Wally Mui is 3rd generation Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine and his PhD thesis was on stroke and the effect of acupuncture on stroke.  He KNOWS neurology and he knows how to treat Multiple Sclerosis.   He is able to use his knowledge of western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine to get the most of out acupuncture.
As the weeks of having acupuncture went along, my body was telling me I didn’t need my meds when they were due (times of the day)…or that I didn’t need as much.  If you are already on meds, your body will tell you in various ways….we have but to pay attention…to observe.  Gradually, I came off of one type of medication at a time.  Being an RN, I knew how to do this, and had the support of my Reflexologist-RN friend-woman who encouraged me to take this journey.  She was willing to walk this journey of acupuncture with me, inviting me to check in with her, email her with my observations and she would write me back with guidance and support.  Together and with Dr. Mui, we would figure out what was going on…as my body changed day by day…shifting back into balance, into homeostasis from the affects of acupuncture.

After 6 weeks of having acupuncture, I was off all my meds.  Astounding.  Amazing….and it felt OK.  Certainly I knew my body was full of chemicals….and my body had also produced a lot of fat to protect my cells from all this toxicity, but already I had lost 15 pounds.  Continued attention to nutrition, cleansing, water, water and more water….flushing the body, gradual and gentle activity, sleeping….paying attention to all the areas of my life every day….attention and INtention…was and is necessary when going through acupuncture.
Let me tell you this….I have not felt this good in over 25 years.  Consider taking action now and get yourself into acupuncture treatment. Early attention to the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis mean you may only need 24 sessions.  Talk with your Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and find out about acupuncture.  Sometimes we need more if our situation has been with us longer and it is deeper.  But it is worth it.  How much is your health worth?  What are you currently spending on meds?

Begin your journey into wellness with acupuncture….one step at a time.  Get the energy flow in your body balanced with acupuncture.  We cannot move forward if our energy meridians are running backward!!!  Read as much as you can to inform yourself.  The science of acupuncture has been utilized for more than 4,000 years.  Honor yourself….acupuncture can help you immensely and you deserve to live well!!

Much thought has gone into conveying the necessities of this journey into wellness and out of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

I say “symptoms”, because in Traditional Chinese Medicine, labels of diseases are not used.  The body is assessed by all of ones senses, and observation given to the description of symptoms, to gain insight into what is happening in the body.  Multiple Sclerosis is known as energy deficiency syndrome.  I doubt there are many of us diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis who would challenge that.
Did you know that full body acupuncture can and will re-regulate the energy meridians in your body?  A test called a histogram, where the energy of the meridians is calculated, actually gives you a printout to show you where your excesses of energy are in your body and where the areas of deficiency are!  As a western trained RN, and person with Multiple Sclerosis, I needed to actually see proof that this was for real.  I had a histogram done before treatment was started so we had a baseline.  After 24 sessions of acupuncture, another histogram was done and it showed the corrections in my body….which explained the disappearance of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms in my body.  Due to the severity of my original symptoms, I had to take another 24 treatments to aid in stabilizing my body, which meant I went to my Dr. of TCM twice a week.  The longer a disorder is present in the body, the more deep seeded it is…and the longer it may take for resolution to occur.

Consider this….These are the medications I had been put on, told I needed to take to help relieve the pain of Multiple Sclerosis, decrease the spasticity, subdue the tremors, alter my immune system to prevent further attacks of Multiple Sclerosis, treat the severe relapses to shorten the time of ‘recovery’:  Neurontin, Zanaflex, Clonazepam, first Avonex….which made me even more ill….then onto Copaxone, which left me with tissue problems….and the many doses of IV SoluMedrol, a high-powered steroid that left my body unable to respond appropriately.  As each year of the 10 years on meds went by, I became more and more ill…to the point where my kidneys were not functioning properly and my heart and blood pressure were failing to sustain me.  Most of my days were spent sleeping.  It was like waiting to die.  No one could offer me any suggestion of a different path….until….

That wonderful woman told me about TCM and what acupuncture had done for her, her symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and improving her quality of life.  She said I had nothing to lose…and everything to gain.
You are probably wondering if a recovery is guaranteed.  What I can tell you….is that if you are in the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis, you have a GREAT chance to reverse the process in your body…and it will be up to you to maintain it.  I was told by my Chinese TCM Dr. that I had severe Multiple Sclerosis symptoms….but he was hopeful.  I had to be compliant…which I was.  Now I am on maintenance acupuncture of twice a month for this year. I look forward to those appointments.  My body tells me I am being attentive to what it needs to heal.

This you will understand.  Two months ago, I had my annual Multiple Sclerosis neuro checkup with my Neurologist.  He had not seen me since the relapse that sent me into this journey.  Not only was he amazed at what he saw, but when he did his very thorough neuro-evaluation, there were no signs of Multiple Sclerosis, but for some vision loss in my left eye from an optic neuritis.  The spasticity, tremor, seizure activity, balance problems and abnormal reflexes were gone!!!  Just what I needed….to have that evaluation as proof of my shift back into wellness.
The first question he posed to me was “what have you been doing that has led to the resolution of your symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?  You weren’t this good when you first saw me 11 years ago!”

And so I’m telling you….go as fast as you can to the best Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine….find out if the person has experience treating Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders….and commit yourself to being compliant.  Surrender to accept and accept to surrender.

The body’s natural state is one of homeostasis…one of balance.  Many things in life add to our state of imbalance….but few of us realize that energy medicine begins with ourselves.  Multiple Sclerosis is an energy issue.
Let the barn door blow open…and step out into the unknown….take the first step of the climb.  There is only goodness ahead as you journey into wellness from Multiple Sclerosis.

I will continue with the list of things to do for yourself.  In the meantime….picture yourself when you were at that optimum point in your life…pain free, active, full of flexibility, balance and strength.  Hold onto that picture in your mind….your cells will start to respond to that information.  Trust your body to heal.  You are your greatest healer.  You can improve your symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

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